Weekend reflection

During the week, my posts tend to be on the weighty subjects that stream in through the many media to which I subscribe.  As I observe the world at my fingertips, literally, I jot down all the topics about which I have my usual vivid reactions and opinions.  In a way, all my websites, posts, social media comments over the years are a way for me to crystallize my ideas, more than presuming that anyone needs to hear what I think on any subject.

But, weekends are for all the other things that go on in life, daily chores, shopping, getting more and more organized (one of the pillars of my existence, lol).  On Sundays, we try to head out to take pictures with our respective cameras, so we are not lazily hanging around the house all afternoon, watching novellas and eating bon-bons ;-).

For July 27 blog on downtown

Tomorrow, we will make the thirty-minute trip downtown, this time by car (last time we splurged and took the Metrolink – a subject in itself!).  It is such a sprawling complex with at least seven distinct districts, that I could not cover it in my last trip.  This time, amid the splendor and wealth, I hope to capture a bit of the ‘other story’ of LA.  There is a forty-square block area known as skid row (in NY, that is just a couple of streets around the Bowery and largely gone now).  Monday through Friday, there are thousands of people living in cardboard shelters in that area between the flower/produce market and garment district.   And, mindful I am sure that their existence in the city is precarious, they range out on the weekends, staying on the sidelines, in the shadows, not wanting to jeopardize the small comfort they enjoy.

For July 27 blog on downtown 2

From all over Southern California, those in need are brought or make their way somehow to this district because they get medical care and food, and are largely left alone.  The latter is somewhat troubling.  My in-laws, from an old California family swear this does not exist and the reason is, they have never seen it.  I suspect a lot of Californians are equally unaware of what goes on here.  It is one reason that many wish to do away with public services.

For July 27 blog on downtown 3

If I were a braver person, I would spend more time among these people getting to know their stories.  In the meantime, if I can take a couple of pictures that do not intrude on or exploit their equilibrium, I will see what story emerges for me.  What lesson beyond the obvious of how this can be in a city, county and state as rich as this one.

For July 27 blog on downtown 4

2 Comments on “Weekend reflection”

    • It is pretty amazing. There are stories of hospitals as far away as San Diego bringing patients up in the middle of the night and dropping them off in that area on the street, sometimes in their hospital gowns with their IV’s still attached. Why? Because these were people who showed up at the emergency rooms and then could not pay the bill. Can you imagine? And that story was in the LA Times. whoa.


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