The burgermeister

This weekend, I saw a news segment on the discovery of a method for creating ground meat in vitro.  It struck me as a promising solution to one of our biggest environmental and humanitarian problems: raising and slaughtering livestock for consumption.

As the article below states

Scientists are hoping the development will meet the growing worldwide demand for beef, lamb, pork and chicken. It is the brainchild of Mark Post, a medical physiologist at Maastricht University in the Netherlands

One of my vegan friends, a cardiologist, wrote to me about this development, saying

Technology improves by the day. Stem cells (both somatic and embryonic) can also be manipulated via genetic re-programming, if need be. 3-D printers have already produced a rudimentary type of skeletal muscle / meat, according to the BBC. And the impact on the environment is not only desirable- it’s a must, as our current production of meat is absurdly inefficient and unsustainable. We feed cows about 16 lb of grain to obtain 1 lb of meat, while 850M people in the world are hungry/die from starvation, unable to get all that grain

Among other things, it is heartening to think that 3-D printers can be used for something other than producing guns!

garden burger

Gardenburger® Veggie Burgers – the only burger I eat

2 Comments on “The burgermeister”

    • Coincidentally, Ezra Klein (substituting for Chris Hayes) spent a lot of time on this burger last night and we were able to see people eating it. It apparently took five years to make a small amount of this cloned meat; it has no fat in it but is totally edible – they cooked it in butter. Didn’t look appealing to me as a non-meat eater but they say in 20 years this will be a necessity so I take heart in knowing that millions of animals will be spared eventually.


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