It’s time

I am ready for a woman to be President.

And I am sick and tired of a group of sniping self-defeatist females being party to the calumny against capable, self-reliant, empathic women who are  standing up to those who would reverse the gains made by women to be fully enfranchised in this country.  I am not a classic feminist, per se, because I don’t think of myself as a woman, first, I think of myself as a person with all the rights and privileges and abilities of any human being on this planet.  But, the feminists of the past one hundred years worked hard and sacrificed for the advances women have made in this country and I for one am fed up with women on the right who are trying to set us back. They are either ignorant (that can be remedied), have been bought (shameful), or are resentful, petty and jealous, and that is unforgivable, given what is at stake.

We have a lot of vocal and opinionated women in this country (I am one of them) and many of them could do the job (not me) if given the opportunity.  Women are over 50% of the population worldwide but are under-represented in positions of influence and power.

Since we have a different, more creative and inclusive way of tackling issues and projects, it is just possible that a woman making the decisions in the White House, among other places, would solve some of the problems that continue to plague this country.  There is plenty of data out there on the ways in which women work together collaboratively, so I don’t have to expound on it here and bore everyone.

Right at this time, there is only one woman ready to assume that role, who has the will and the guts to do it and that is Hillary Clinton.

She is not perfect, let’s get that out of the way right now.  And I am pretty unhappy that she cast a vote in favor of that costly, deadly, unnecessary war on Iraq.  I honestly don’t know why she did.  Even I knew that the neoconservatives around Mr. Bush were jonesing for that war, under any pretext.  When it came time to choose between Al Gore and George Bush, I did my due diligence by reading books and articles about both of them.  I knew that the neocons had undue influence over Dubya and for that reason among many others (including the fact that he was so woefully unprepared for that job), I didn’t even consider voting for him in 2000 (and certainly not in 2004).  So, I cannot understand how Mrs. Clinton could have thought that there was any justification for invading Iraq (unless she, as a member of Congress knew something the rest of us could not possibly know).


Other than that, I think she is the right person for the job. She is an attorney with a degree from Yale (to say nothing of Wellesley), has always been a leader, comes from a middle class, mid-western family. She was a Goldwater Republican at one time (I forgive her) and thus understands that mentality from the inside.  She helped to exercise the right of the people to remove a dangerous leader from power. Then she spent time as the right-hand woman of a governor and a President (two, come to think of it), going on to execute her duties competently as a Senator and then Secretary of State. Hillary is smart, a hard worker, unflappable (most of the time) and an advocate for the disenfranchised. She is a woman’s woman and as far as anyone can tell, her personal behavior has been beyond reproach, despite the slurs and lies of the spin-meisters on the right.

I don’t care how old she is or if she is fat and has wrinkles, or that she stuck by her man and didn’t want to bake cookies.  Who cares if she is sometimes abrasive and wears very thick glasses.  I couldn’t give two hoots whether she works in a pantsuit or a wetsuit.

I want a seasoned, tough, calm, sharp, creative, fair, compassionate woman in the White House.  Are there other women who could do it?  Maybe, probably.

But none of them are ready.  Hillary is.  I cannot imagine why one woman in this country would vote for Chris Christie (the only possible Republican candidate who can win – but we can’t let him) when they could have Mrs. Clinton working on their behalf for eight years.

It’s about time. Let’s not let this chance slip away.

4 Comments on “It’s time”

  1. My favorite quote about Hillary is from Bill Maher: “Scandals don’t weaken Hillary Clinton. They only make her stronger.” She definitely is going to be the first female President. The Repubs have nothing to run against her, not one candidate that could be a match for her. Chris Christie could not go it, no matter how “moderate” they try to present him to be. She will eat him for breakfast. I hear Marco Rubio bandied about quite often as a contender, too, and of course Jeb Bush.


  2. OMG, Rubio is such a phony, and, preserve us from another Bush (like Jessie Jackson said, ‘Stay out the bushes..). From your lips to God’s ear. Christie would be a nightmare. I hope Hillary runs!


  3. Dear God, it is soooooo beyond time for this to happen.
    She will be an awesome leader and take no bull from anyone, anywhere.
    Those of us in Florida know all about Rubio.
    He stopped the ERA from making it to the floor here due to “lack of time” when he was Speaker.
    Tells you all you need to know about him and women.
    Agree with all said here!


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