Paula Deen and Jimmy Dean

I probably shouldn’t even mention it,  because in the overall scheme of things, Ms. Deen’s conduct and overall tone-deafness is the bigger issue.

But I want to just register my distress at her fat-laden cooking.

What reminded me of it was the stat that Georgia conservatives like her about twice as much as MLK (now why doesn’t that surprise me?).  I also saw one of those deceptive, insulting, creepy (to me, mind you, a fat-shunning vegan) tv commercials for Jimmy Dean pork products, the one with the floating sun?  I wouldn’t expect a five year old to fall for that ’50’s style ad, let alone a grown man or woman.

If you out there are one of the people eating this, you may not want to read a word I have to say.  But, any respected cardiologist will tell you, you are on borrowed time.  That stuff is bad on every single level and I, for one, cannot understand the appeal of pig meat (they call it that in France, where they even eat horse). Pig meat is what it is – an honest term.

My contention is that people like what the manufacturers do to pig meat, more than the intrinsic flavor of the meat itself.  Sort of like, in a former lifetime when I thought I liked shrimp scampi, only to realize that I could scampi a mushroom and like it just as much (even more) – although I later realized butter was not a good idea in the first place.

In fact, the last time I had a scavenger, was a few years back at friends of my in-laws who have a home right on the ocean in Massachusetts.  They went to a lot of trouble getting same-day-caught lobster tails and serving them exclusively for lunch with a big bowl of melted butter at each place. I was already a vegetarian, but at one time had liked lobster and thought I could manage it.  I was wrong.  When my mother-in-law, who was seated on one side of me, turned away during an animated conversation, I took my tail and placed it on her plate, as surreptitiously as I could (the idea of my tail on a plate makes me chuckle, but you know what I mean).  She never even noticed, because they kept the tails coming for what seemed like hours – while I, meanwhile, was able to draw and quarter the shells in front of me convincingly so I looked as if I were eating.

fried butter Iowa State Fair

Then I saw something about the Iowa State Fair this weekend, all the barbecue, fried Twinkies (of all things) and god-awful-sounding (to me) fried butter.  omg.

OK, folks, there are people who love these things and I do not want to be insulting.  I love chocolate and I gave most of it up, especially milk chocolate for reasons similar to the ones that would have people forego these saturated fats. It isn’t easy but now I find I am no longer addicted to chocolate.  In fact, I have successfully resisted a very seductive box of imported chocolate that I was given at Christmas.  One reason I haven’t opened it is because they are probably stale by now and I don’t want to confirm that and feel guilty for having wasted that thoughtful gesture.  The other reason is I am afraid that like a recovering addict, I will simply devour the whole box at a couple of sittings and fall off the wagon ;-).

I could probably fulminate against saturated fats for days, so I will resist the temptation. Michael Klaper has even recommended eliminating olive oil.   He is a zero-fat proponent (he may allow seeds, nuts, and avocado, which all have oils – I cannot remember. I eat seeds — like sunflower, sesame and pumpkin — and avocado, but am allergic to nuts).

There, I have said it and didn’t even invoke the whole animal welfare issue.  This is purely a nutritional rationale.  I think the only place where using butter makes good sense is in baking, where the substitutes are worse and the flavor of butter can be essential. So, if I don’t want butter, I don’t eat baked goods that have it or need it.  As for animal meat – there is no nutritional value to eating it that cannot be supplied as well and mostly better by other things.

If anyone is interested in pork-like products that are delicious, they could check out the Field Roast company line, that I get at whole paycheck among a few other places.  The company is great and the products are delicious – even meat eaters I know have corroborated that.

Anyway, just my take on all this, as I sat vedging in front of the tv, my unopened chocolate box in front of me.

5 Comments on “Paula Deen and Jimmy Dean”

  1. Oh dear, we may deviate in our usually similar opinions on this post, LOL. Although I do not have strong feelings about what I eat because I kind of just graze on random things. Used to be healthier before I had to quite eating gluten and I am a horrid cook, so now it’s just a weird assortment of stuff, basically. I have a juicer I try to use at least once a week, and once other time a week I make cabbage, potatoes, and carrots in the steamer. Other than that I eat what my husband cooks on his paleo diet,and stuff I won’t mention here. Let’s just say I have not given up chocolate…or soda…I’ll quit while I’m ahead!


    • Oh, and I should add that the paleo diet seems good to me, minus the meat – if I liked fish, I might venture to add that in. Good for him, it really is a pretty healthy system.


    • Believe me, I know I am the odd (wo)man out, lol. I am not so noble, it took a long time to give up carbs and I still drink coffee. I wonder how your hsb likes that paleo diet, that is pretty brave. I can only cook in cold weather, which we have only a few weeks every year, so I am a snacker. Who knows what the outcome will be, I am a longitudinal experiment :-).


      • He likes it a lot and he has lost about 36 pounds. Neither one of us are all that big about needing a lot of variety, so we can eat the same thing day in and day out and be OK!


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