Inveighing in

I want Bill de Blasio to win the mayoral race in New York.  This really makes me laugh at myself, because I have not lived in NY for twenty years! But, once a NYer, always a NYer.

Here’s what he says:

During my time in public office, I’ve taken on unscrupulous landlords; protected children who were victims of neglect and abuse; battled the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics; fought to repair broken policing policies; and championed working family issues like paid sick leave and living wage laws.

It pains me to admit it, but at one time I really liked Anthony Weiner a lot, or thought I did.  It goes to show you how limited information (the media) and a lack of intellectual discipline (mine) can lead to wrong conclusions. Now, of course, he is the last person that I would want to lead that city. The one thing Weiner seemed to have was energy, drive and the brass to drive his agenda through.  But now his agenda seems to be himself. If ever there was a classic narcissist, a model case study in self-absorption and auto-destruction, it is Weiner.  And I am not the type of person to pile on, other than to express the fact that my disappointment in how he has not only crashed and burned himself, but hijacked the entire public discourse (outside of the city, I hope) on this race is just that acute.

Weiner has to go and the sooner the better.  And so does Bloomberg, which is why I am not so crazy about Christine Quinn.  She has tied her wagon to Bloomberg and corporatocrats that have turned NY into a paradise for the elite.

I also want to say that despite my distaste for Rudy Giuliani, he did one thing I can thank him for, sincerely: he restored the entire Times Square district to the people, taking it away from slum landlords who rented to pornographers and pawn shops that attracted the worst elements of the tri-state area.  He should not have put the operations center in the Twin Towers – a mistake of epic proportions, so I don’t give him any credit for handling 9/11 well, but he purged the theater district.  That is all I will say about Mr. Giuliani (except to excoriate his awful, animal killing spouse.  I thoroughly dislike that woman).

Now, seriously, back to why I still care about all this?  Somehow I have always felt, as goes NYC, so goes this country and especially, the Democratic platform, which must be bolstered stat.


Bill de Blasio has now pulled ahead significantly in the polls, so my once dark horse may just win this thing.

Most of the values de Blasio has built his career and campaign around are my concerns for NYC and this country: income inequality, education, justice, affordable housing, public safety, fairness and jobs.  Anyone who can be a public advocate in a take no prisoners political environment like NY has the heart and the guts to change the city (and the country) back to one in which every citizen can enjoy a safe, healthy, productive, happy life.

Here’s a quote from the e-mail I just got from his campaign today:

(I have) a plan to create jobs in all five boroughs, dramatically expand affordable housing and accessible health care, fund early childhood and after-school programs by taxing the rich, and build strong police-community relations that ensure the safety and dignity of all New Yorkers. Additionally, it’s a plan to promote sustainability, develop better transit, promote the rights of new Americans, reform our government so it is as great as our city, protect vulnerable populations, and continue the fight for full equality for all New Yorkers.

Who could argue with that?

Most of all, Bill comes across as a real, nice guy.  No rough edges, just calm resolve and caring competence.  Hopefully he can survive in the special interest sharknado that is NYC and not be devoured by it.

Go Bill!

2 Comments on “Inveighing in”

  1. I agree about Weiner. I liked him and was disappointed that his dalliances brought him down the first time around, when I heard he was coming back I was temporarily glad, until the wheels fell off and he revealed the depth of his own narcissism. I’d recently seen de Blasio’s name in the news for the first time and didn’t get to read up on him too much actually. Need to read more but at the moment, not up for it. Still sick!


    • Well, I recognize that outside of that city, why would anyone really care. If only Weiner hadn’t brought so much negative publicity to the thing, but that may be why de Blasio has gotten so much attention, who knows. Between Edwards, Weiner and Filner, there are some real creeps in our liberal midst, I am sorry to say. Get well!


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