A Bridge-t-oo far

Here I go re-blogging a post again, something I rarely do, but this is so germane now, I just couldn’t help myself! Tell me what you think, given Paul Fishman’s announcement just this past Friday and Ms. Kelly’s unprecedented news conference immediately following her indictment …

Beth Byrnes

I think the key to this whole New Jersey Bridge-gate will be Bridget Anne Kelly.


Any moment now, she is going to unleash on Christie, who accused her of being stupid and mendacious.  Steve Kornacki has an interesting explanation of why this is likely.  It has happened to Christie before.  Despite his protestations that ‘this is the first time his staff has lied to him’ and that he was ‘taken totally by surprise by their lying’, he had the exact same kind of problem with Bret Schundler, his Secretary of Education, who embarrassed Christie in August, 2010 by failing to submit a proper application for $400 million in Federal funding for the Race to the Top competition.  Christie was humiliated by Schundler’s bungling and threw him under the bus, calling him a liar and an idiot (sound familiar?).  Days later, Schundler released e-mails showing that he had tried to get…

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2 Comments on “A Bridge-t-oo far”

  1. Christie was “done” regardless of bridgegate, He has a very low approval rating
    here in NJ based on his (lack of) performance. Any trial is simply political theater.


    • Yeah, typically I don’t like to see a witch hunt and don’t like people being dragged through the mud. Had Christie not been so mean himself, no one would care to waste time and humiliate him and his family. But I think because he was so emphatic at shifting all the blame to such underlings as Kelly, they are now going to return that gesture.

      The Republican field is crowded enough without him. I guess this is how he has been all his political life, starting in HS. His arrogance is what turns people off first and then, as you say, his record. It seems to me he has repeatedly misapplied public funds to cover his own shortcomings.

      Sigh! New Jersey is such a wonderful state, the people deserve better.

      Thanks so much, Bob, you have direct experience with this!


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