Trumped up

OK, quick update.

While all of this is largely true, eight months later and I can no longer say I could live with a Trump Presidency.

He is being revealed to have engaged in more fraudulent and exploitative activity than I had realized. His taking advantage of the poor and gullible simply to line his pockets and enhance his outsized ego is unacceptable behavior in anyone, much less a POTUS. He is also an unhinged narcissist whose only concern is aggrandizing himself, saying despicable things about anyone who dares to question his superiority. Please read my post Ashleep for more on this kind of unconsciousness. He is completely unfit for any office, much less the Presidency.


My cousin Deanna and Ivanka Trump were friends growing up in Manhattan. Just a few weeks apart in age, both attended the Swiss, Dalcroze School of Music after school, where they met and immediately bonded.  Deanna went to the Waldorf school on 79th and 5th and Ivanka went to Chapin several blocks away. They had a lot in common being affluent kids in Manhattan, attending private schools and Ivy League college-bound.

I learned a lot about the Trumps from Ivanka. For one thing, Ivanka was a lovely, kind, sweet girl.  Not a bit spoiled or uppity at all.  Whereas Deanna’s mom drove her to Dalcroze in her older model Mercedes, Ivanka arrived with her Czech nanny in a stretch limo that idled for the two hours outside the Dalcroze townhouse.  Ivanka was very complimentary of Deanna’s clothes and accessories.  She never once made Deanna feel there was anything different about them.  On the other hand, whereas Deanna’s middle class parents contributed to the upkeep of Dalcroze, run by aging Swiss maestros on a shoe-string, the Trumps apparently did not.

So, you might find it surprising that I am not a big Trump detractor.  For one thing, I think everything that comes out of his mouth is spontaneous and sincere.  I take him at his word that the political positions he is espousing right now are either what he truly believes (America can be great again) or what he feels the American people believe (rightly or wrongly).

There is something else about Trump that gets people all pumped up: he’s lively, glib and smart.  A lot of these politicians are either energyless, tongue-tied or dull.  I find listening to him to be entertaining, enjoyable and frankly, educational as to the power of positivity.  We should all be so quick on our feet.

Is he a multi-billionaire? Who knows. He doesn’t need to be in my book.  He has perfected the art of self-promotion and that is something all of us could learn from, whether we want to bluster and brag or simply be sufficiently confident to achieve our goals by persuading others that we are the best person for whatever role to which we aspire.

Do I think Trump has shaded or twisted or tweaked the truth here and there? Yes. Has he verged on outright bigotry? Absolutely. Has he got deep experience governing? No! Clearly not. Does he really understand the plight of the average man and woman in the average middle-class household in America? Probably not. But, in all that regard he is no worse than every other conservative on those two stages right now.

I think the key to understanding Trump’s appeal is, as someone said on the news tonight, that it is not his message that is unique, it is the messenger.  There is no one else like him. And, you Conservatives need not fear — if Trump is President, the Republican power brokerage will dictate the policies.  Just like the Democratic machine dictates what Obama is doing.  Each President merely enacts the dictates of their overlords, who operate behind the scenes and adapt to the desires of the times, on each side.


The one place where Donald Trump is absolutely dominating everyone else is in his ability to get people juiced and inspire those who have almost nothing to believe they can achieve the American Dream.  In this regard, being a Debbie-downer (and telling the truth, which is, it is virtually impossible to rise out of your slot any more, given the gross policy errors that have been committed, post WWII) isn’t working.  People are living a declining lifestyle and they know it, swallowed up sometimes by despair. I probably disagree with Trump and many Republicans about how we got into this sorry mess, but we all agree things are not wonderful for the majority of Americans right now.

I have often compared Geoffrey and my lifestyle to that of my two successful, upper middle class parents. They had two new luxury vehicles in the driveway every year. My dad got every gimcrack and gizmo and shiny new tech toy he wanted any time he fancied one, including state of the art sound systems, pro golf clubs, an enormous farm-level tractor to ride (even though he had gardeners and a landscaping service).  They had a housekeeper/maid who came in five days a week.  They took vacations at the drop of a hat. They belonged to one of the best country clubs in New Jersey. They had a co-op in Manhattan. I never heard either of them lament about a bill. Oh, and my dad bought each of their homes, cash, yup, that’s right, cash — no mortgages ever.  They each had one credit card: AmEx and paid it off each month. My mom along with my dad, as a professional woman, had her clothing custom made for her, and bought all her other accessories at Lord & Taylor, Bonwits, Saks and Bergdorfs.  I was able to shop at Bendels to my heart’s content.  They funded trips for me all over the world. They sent me through eight years of private Ivy League universities for my undergrad and grad work. I got my first Volvo my freshman year at Cornell and two more down the road. All on modest, middle class incomes. Geoffrey and I can’t do half of that today.

People love Donald Trump because they want to be the Donald.  They want to wake up every day, next to sloe-eyed Melania of the long golden tresses; they want to walk out into their marble-clad apartment with the gilt appointments and rococo Italianate 17th century furnishings (I was in their apartment briefly once); they want to be ushered to their lush 5th Avenue penthouse in a private elevator that has seating and drinks; they want to descend to 57th street and the waiting stretch limo each morning, with its big screen tv, bath, and kitchenette; they want to work while looking out over Manhattan in every direction from river to shining river and take long slow epicurean repasts at any of the City’s private dining clubs, for Knickerbockers only; they want to ski in Gstaad and golf in Scotland.  The American people would die to be Donald Trump.

That is his appeal.  No one else on any stage during this election cycle can even come close. Trump has it all, in the eyes of the American people. Make no mistake, no matter what happens on that stage in a few hours, on Fox Noise, Trump climbs into his silken sheets at the close of his day, knowing that he is an absolute, utter winner. Every single day, all his life. That is why people are clamoring for him. The shine of his gilt, whether it is fool’s gold or not, has blinded the public to every thing else. And you know what? Other than John Kasich, there is no Republican I would rather have for President.  To my mind, Trump is the NYer to end all NYers. Growing up as he did just a few blocks from where my folks in did in Queens, I get this guy.  I can deal with him, because I see past the dazzle to the ingenious mind that always gets what it wants and I would be just fine if we put that confidence to work for America right now.

Let me be clear: I will not be voting for Trump if he is a nominee.  I am a Hillary supporter because I want a no-nonsense, hard-working woman in that chair for once in history.

But, I could live with John Kasich, and believe it or not, Donald Trump.

Aren’t we all sick of being discouraged?

The parallels between Ivanka and Deanna continue to amaze me.  They both married brilliant Jewish men and both had little girls with remarkably similar names: Arabella and Annabelle, even though they are no longer in touch.

I cannot wait to see the outcome of this election.  No matter who wins, it has been the most entertaining run-up of my lifetime.  And who knows, maybe Deanna can wangle an invite to the WH if King Donald and Queen Melania become the next POTUS and FLOTUS. What a gas that would be.


27 Comments on “Trumped up”

    • Thank you, Bob.

      I think this will be highly interesting. I really don’t think Trump will garner the nomination but I enjoy seeing how he spars and parries.

      These are serious times and we need strong, intelligent leadership. Let’s hope we get it! 🙂

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  1. I hope it’s the Democrats too. I’ve no idea what sort of president DT would make although, as you say, the party line would be followed anyway. It concerns me that personality is such a feature of politics. No one wants a zombie, right enough, who can’t engage the electorate, but at what cost a character?
    There’s one here who is likely to make the running for the Tory leadership in a few years, currently, Lord Mayor of London. He’s mesmerising to listen to for his total buffoonery but I would dread him ever running the country. Saying that, the lead pipe that is David Cameron means few listen but still get battered over the head.
    I find it difficult to take DT seriously and yet worry that when businessmen have too much of a say in decision making, profit margins crush social economics. The changes Obama has made are to be lauded and, listening to him the other night, speaking on climate change, I found my heart swelling with hope that he sounds as if he cares.
    We certainly get the characters at times, Beth, who make politics at least interesting to listen to, if only to heckle (!) but I hope you get your wish. (as long as she doesn’t turn out like the iron lady who broke my heart and the spirit of so many. Strength she had, compassion she lacked.)
    I’ll be praying for you all, and for us for isn’t it global, that strength and compassion win through.x

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    • Thank you for saying all of this Anne-Marie.

      Starting with HIllary Clinton: she absolutely has heart and compassion. She is nothing like Margaret Thatcher, thank heaven. Hillary’s only problem is that people will not separate her from Bill Clinton who made some big errors. They are tethering them together, which is unfair.

      I see her as a hard working mid-westerner with a flat nasal voice and that is also unfortunate. What she has been all her adult life is a dedicated Democrat, even liberal. She was a great Senator for New York state. Everything she promised in her senatorial campaign, she did in the six years she was in office.

      As for Trump, he is an egotist first and foremost and used to getting his way. That will be his undoing. He foolishly went on and on attacking the reporter on Fox Noise. There is no benefit to his campaign for President in his doing that. My biggest hope is that he will run as an independent. He and the Republican candidate (Bush or Kasich) will lose and Clinton will win.

      I want strong, fair, kind people running the world.

      As for Obama, I think he has been a great president with many accomplishments that benefit America and the world. He has made choices that I disagree with, from time to time, but he was forced to.

      And he had to overcome blatant racism to do all this. He is a good, kind, brilliant person.

      I hope the UK wakes up and that America does too. Right now, there is a strange self-sabotage going on in both places.

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      • Self-sabotage indeed, Beth. I read somewhere a while ago that every politician was like a plug inserted into the circuit of politics. No matter how good or best intentioned they may be, the driving current is the prevailing system. Maybe enough good plugs at the one time will overload the system and call for a rewiring! I’m hoping 56 SNP members will succeed in blowing a few fuses at WM. 🙂

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  2. I am okay with Bernie Sanders and even John Kasich. My brothers think they are sensible and for the people, despite the first being a ‘socialist’ and the second one, a moderate Republican. I would vote for Hillary and hope that Bill would have input, since our country was thousands times better when Clinton was in administration than the Bushes. I am saddened to have President Barack Obama spending the years he was president bumping against walls between the two parties and in places that I am appalled showed total disrespect of his office and his extremely loving personal life. They had it all going on, but America is far behind in our Acceptance levels. I will hope he will find respect and continue to make progress after he leaves office.
    On another note, I love the way Jimmy Carter left office with a barely there reception in the media but he has done amazing things in the world for Peace, Justice and Enlightenment. Hope Obama will be able to follow these large shoes of great historical impact.

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    • I agree with you exactly, Robin! My first choice is Hillary, my second would be Bernie and my third Kasich. I don’t care for Biden and I don’t think Trump really wants to be President.

      If we could have the 90s back, I would take it in a heartbeat. I don’t agree with everything Bill did but compared to the Bushes, he was Alberts Schweitzer and Einstein, combined. I think he would do things differently today and we would be better off as a result.

      Poor Carter was treated terribly. I am no Reaganite and what Reagan did was underhanded, imho, pulling the rug out from under Carter.

      Geoff and I were just agreeing, Obama is going on to the best part of his life, loved all over the world. A rich man, he will use his celebrity for good and be inspiring to every young man on this planet, that they might do the same.

      As usual, Robin, we think alike! Thank you 🙂 ❤

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      • Currently living in Ohio, horrified seeing Kasich’s decisions “up close”, I was initially overly relieved that he did not win the nomination. I am now of the opinion that practically ANYONE would be better than Trump.

        I’m praying that the country will be able to weather this storm with a minimum of damage. I’m voting for Hillary, hoping that, should she win, the Senate bullies won’t block everything she does by stamping their little white feet as they threaten additional walk-outs, further unbalancing our nation’s budget. (Too bad we can’t dock their salaries to recover costs, huh?)

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        • I think she will win and I think we will get the Senate back now, and the House next time. Then maybe we can get something done after years of stupid, egotistical obstruction. Sigh!!!

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            • Yep! I knew it was an older post and had read your most recent – simply attempting a round of catch up. I usually read the comments, in any case, and CERTAINLY would have in this one.

              Loved the pics and the story, however. Our NYC experiences couldn’t have been more different. I was an upper-upper West resident – barely south of Columbia. Had I not been young and attractive, I doubt I would ever have had access to your terra firma 🙂

              For context: the limo-driver of a boyfriend’s boss (sent to fetch me for dinner when the two were stuck in a meeting) waited until he had driven 15 blocks southward on CPW to turn around and exclaim in an appalled tone and thick Russian accent, “Why do they keep you there?! They can afford better!”

              I carefully attempted to explain, after thanking him for his concern, that I was a struggling actress, and it was the best I could afford in Manhattan, but I’m not sure he believed what he probably thought was my cover story. [lolol – still]


  3. Yay yippee! I was a little worried but did not feel we would be too far off, Beth. I feel blessed and relaxed. I packed my bag, heading to my son and daughter in law’s house to spend night.
    Trista had her hip displaced? dislocated from her pelvic bone spreading. She has been dilated 3 cm for a week and cries with pain when on her feet. Like a true Mommy, she wanted to go natural but is scheduled to be induced at 6 am tmrrw. 🙂

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    • Well, you need never worry, Robin, I am a dyed in the wool Progressive and always will be. I don’t like Bernie’s support for the NRA, however. I just want Hillary.

      I hope you are having a lovely time at your son and DIL’s house, too.

      As for Trista, ouch! Poor girl. Can’t wait to hear the good news. Keep us posted. 🙂

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  4. What a truly interesting and entertaining and thoughtful, and thought provoking, read! I love the part of your cousin! Love the early photos! How beautiful we all are when young. I am generally without news (no TV, don’t read papers), and even more so lately. Didn’t know Trump was running. Until someone asked me what I thought of him as President. I didn’t know what the guy was talking about.

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    • The three years I lived in South America, my TV was all local. I watched ABC Wide World of Sports and that was it. I read the International Herald Tribune and was totally out of the loop. I loved missing a bunch of the BS, too.

      Yep, Trump has blown up the Republican field, which is fine with me as I am a staunch Progressive and want Hillary to win — even though she is being subjected to a sh**load of false attacks.

      Trump is hinting at bringing in a police state of sorts now, so I think he would be a foolish choice for the Rs, but, they seem to have careened off the deep end this time.

      It will be interesting! I will keep you (somewhat) posted here.
      Just sit back and enjoy your blessed isolation for now.

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  5. Politics… What can I say… They are all as powerless as each other… But life is changing now and I am sure someone with integrity and a new look on how we all want to live will show up before the next election… in uk too… Barbara x

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    • It won’t be Mr. Trump here. I am a Hillary Clinton fan since I see past the nonsense to the wonderful things she did for NY as Senator. She is a capable, good hearted woman. But we will see what happens. The politics are strange all over the world, it now seems. Here, the UK, Canada, everywhere. xx

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  6. OK, quick update.

    While all of this is largely true, eight months later and I can no longer say I could live with a Trump Presidency.

    He is being revealed to have engaged in more fraudulent and exploitative activity than I had realized. His taking advantage of the poor and gullible simply to line his pockets and enhance his outsized ego is unacceptable behavior in anyone, much less a POTUS.

    I don’t understand how Ivanka can stand by all this, but I suspect she is deeply conflicted and stressed over the entire tenor of this campaign.

    As I said, Hillary is my choice this year. No one else currently running can do the job.

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