Sunning up roses

This year is off to a great start. So, I thought I would reflect that in the name of the post and the pictures — all taken at the Rose Parade for the 137th Tournament of Roses, in Pasadena.  It seemed that whenever I went to Pasadena to take pictures in the past few years, it was overcast.  Not this year and not this particular day.  It was the perfect time (morning) and light for photography. Tell me what you think.


Also, for some reason, I had a huge spike in visits to this blog yesterday — out of the blue. And, in just these first two weeks of 2016, I have welcomed to this community a bunch of new members.  I have no idea why, other than some obscure exogenous factor, but thank you and welcome.


So, what’s new with us here? For one thing, we upgraded our security and phone systems again and now have a sophisticated array that should keep our synapses firing while we learn how to use everything and not trigger it ourselves, LOL. We also put a new BluRay system on the TV that comes bundled with all sorts of streaming programming like Vudu and Hulu and Netflix, etc.  We finally have our home and garden just the way we want them.


Now, what will I do with my non-working time? Clean, of course. Shop, but not for clothes. I am embarrassed to say that this past year I added so many new things that I literally and I mean it this time, have not an inch of space left for any new items. Haven’t even worn a lot of the purchases and most still have the tags on them. So, Basta, per un po ‘. I am also working on recording my own vocals to make MP3s for the video slideshows I produce for family and friends, so that is something exciting to look forward to.


I was so sad that David Bowie left us. One never realizes how influential one of these icons is, until they are gone. Never a huge fan of the music, per se, but liked his kitchy creativity and overall evolutions.  Seemed like a good man, too. And now Alan Rickman. Both so young.


May I just insert a few words about the Dems and this election. Are these young’uns ignorant or what? There is no way this country is going to have any success with the pie in the sky, expensive fantasies promised by the New York liberal socialist Mr. Sanders. If the Democrats are foolish enough to nominate him, they will lose the election. He cannot enact his plans and ideas, no matter how sexy they are — if this congress thwarted the reasonable Mr. Obama, just imagine how they will burn Bernie. Idealism vs pragmatism is at stake here — not in all things, mind you — but in this particular instance. Be smart, progressives, elect the only choice we have who can actually win and/or keep the progress we have made. OK, that’s all I’m going to say on that. 😀


For once, I don’t have much to report and since the only theme of this post is sunshine and new beginnings and creativity and fun, I will concentrate on sharing these photographs. I took hundreds, hauling three cameras with me that day and snapping shots amid the chaos of the crowds and the group we treated to Pasadena — 18 people in all. It was madness, but the good kind.


Next week, I hope to have my winter travel post up. And after that, who knows. Let’s be serendipitous, shall we?


And, once again, to all my new friends in this burgeoning community, please do comment, stop by to say hello. I always respond and I am grateful and honored to welcome every single one of you. Hugs!


Images: Chez BeBe/ Pasadena Rose Parade floats

20 Comments on “Sunning up roses”

  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS, Beth! So much colour! We’re certainly missing that around these parts… although it’s still unseasonably warm, the greyness is starting to get to me- as it always does at this time of year.

    I’m still reeling from the loss of Bowie- ‘icon’ seems like an inadequate descriptor when I tote up all that he contributed to the (my) world.

    And I hope that the American progressives pay attention to your wise words. I can’t imagine what sort of repercussions we will ALL have to deal with if that GOP buffoon somehow gets elected down there.

    Happy to hear that 2016 is off to such a wonderful start for you. Thank you for sharing the brightness and sunny skies! xo

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    • Cole, you are so kind!

      These pictures surprised me. Every single frame I shot came out like these. The light was just right or I finally set the cameras properly, LOL! I rarely go to this thing but we had visitors who wanted to do it and I jumped at the chance to take photos.

      Bowie. What can I say. I was shocked. And then I started to think about all he contributed and how he was ridiculed, but now with all this perspective, is considered a genius. And a nice person, sometimes lost because rockers are so edgy. It is a devastating loss. Seems all kinds of people are secretly battling this horror. I will miss knowing Bowie was there, pushing the edges forward in the art world.

      As for Mr. T. I am sorry to say, I do think he will be the Republican nominee. Their anger has produced him, so their mistakes have boomeranged to sting them in the behind. And, I think it will be neck and neck, Trump and Clinton. I was gratified to here Fox Business News last night confirm the absurdity of Sanders winning the nomination. It would be frightening, what Trump would do to poor old Bernie.

      Let’s hope there is some sanity left in our electorate. When I look at the fact that the governorships, state legislatures, and both houses of Congress are in the vice grip of extremists, I can only see it as the last gasp of a recalcitrant former majority desperate to keep the reins of power and ease and failing, as the world becomes more blended and diverse. Good riddance. Now if I can keep a good humor while all this spins out, it will be a testament to my training and support from other sane people like you!


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  2. Love the Sun Roses, Beth – and the second pic looks like something out of a fairy tale. Glad you’re doing well. Happy to hear you are welcoming new folks to your blogworld. Excellence attracts, and you have both smart intelligent words and glorious photos. Keep at it. Enjoy giving as much as we enjoy receiving. And be blessed in everything.

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    • That Downtown Abbey float was beyond amazing. I have some other shots of it — so large, with all the detail. Whoever did it is a master float maker, imho.

      Yes, I am lucky when people stumble upon this blog and stay. For one thing, I migrated it to a higher level website, using my name. That may have been the reason that the search bots finally found it. But, I find that people follow and don’t say hello. I wish they would! I confine myself to a dozen people who I feel are really friends and try to visit them and comment. I hate anyone to be neglected!

      I hope I can find 50 additional positive things to post about this year. The election is making me crazy and I truly do not want to focus on anything negative. So, I am going to try my best to think of all the good and beautiful things we have here and share them.

      You are a treasure, Vera, truly. Many thanks for all your kindness and support these last few years. You keep me anchored in goodness.

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  3. Cole’s opener is pretty much what I was about to say. The colours, Beth! We’re almost enveloped in grey at this time of year. It’s extraordinary to see such glory then look out on shades of grey. (not quite fifty although that might be interesting!)
    When you speak of the forthcoming elections and the nominees and give an insider perspective, it brings the whole process into better focus for we who are more removed from what’s going on there. Fire away at the politics as much as you see fit. Allowing, obviously, for the fact that it’s draining on yourself. I wonder if they realise (maybe even hope that that is the case). One wonders at so much about the motivations of any and all involved in politics. It’s another zoo entirely.
    Congratulations on a rise in followers, too. I don’t wonder that they have. As for commenting, I used to be quite often inclined to say nothing – just stalk(!) – for a while until I felt I got to know a blogger better through their posts. Not now. Now, I mostly just jump in. 😉
    Thanks for these glorious pics, Beth. They certainly brightened up a dreich day here. 🙂 x

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    • Well, there has to be an upside to all this relentless dryness and I guess the clear blue skies in January qualify. We were supposed to get a lot of rain this winter, but so far, it has been sparse.

      As for the election here. I think all hell is breaking loose because the average person has not seen any improvement in their personal life. These politicians seem to forget that the promises they make are going to be remembered. I honestly wonder if the whole system is beyond repair now? If it is so driven by capitalism that nothing can change it, like a runaway train. I hope not.

      I just want a decent person there. Mr. Trump says things that are so primitive and unstatesman-like that he would be a humiliating choice for this country. I cannot imagine it. It would be like having the mayor of London or Toronto running the country. We cannot have that!

      I am glad you just say whatever is on your mind, Anne-Marie. I cannot hold my own tongue and am always please when others don’t either. 😀

      Thank you for being so supportive, always!

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  4. I have never seen the Rose Bowl Parade – except on TV, of course – and now I feel almost as if I have. You are a wonderful photographer (a skill that was never one of my best, but seems to have deteriorated as my close-up focus diminishes – presbyopia, one of the trials of growing older (still beats the alternative, however!) I am grateful for my oversized monitor – and for folks like you who post such lovely images to gaze upon.

    As one commenter stated, excellence attracts – so I’m not surprised that more and more people are finding you. BTW – one of the things I always enjoy about your site are the comments. You have managed to attract a community that engages intelligently, despite that reality that MOST readers never comment, which I doubt I will ever understand, given my love for dialogue.

    The BEST part, for me, is that you don’t post your wonderful pictures in a slide-show sans comments (don’t waste my time with those, they annoy me so). I especially love it when, as in this one, you offer context for the visuals AS you add your thoughts about life in general and your own life in particular.

    Thanks again for yet another wonderful post.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    • You are always so encouraging Madelyn!

      Yes, we are both dialoguers. In fact, in first grade the comment was “Beth likes to talk to her neighbors”, probably too much! I think it is the only child in me.

      Honestly, I am no photographer. The cameras are just that good. They make it easy. When I had regular film cameras, every other picture was a disaster. 🙂

      I put in the pictures so I don’t have to use Creative Commons photographs and then give extensive credits — too time consuming, although I have to do that from time to time because I want to illustrate something I haven’t captured myself. For the most part, though, I like to use pictures that are pertinent for the time of year and the topic that seems to bubble up to the surface for that particular week.

      If I didn’t work at all, I could do more of this, but, alas, I have to pay the bills I generate.

      I now need to read your other comments. Wow, embarrassment of riches today!


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      • Nah – the cameras certainly make a difference in quality and sharpness, but it is the eye of the photographer I’m referring to. Squinting for focus in the viewfinder, I find I tend to miss the moment.

        btw-Madelyn liked to talk to her neighbors too – except that she was the oldest of five children (who were often in her care). I think that, even as a child, I craved some “adult conversation” as much as any mom.

        Or perhaps it is because we are old souls, you and I.

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          • My challenge is trying to figure out what is mine to do. It has always been difficult for me to “see” and do nothing – but sometimes that’s all that CAN be done – at least by me. I struggle differentiating between “accepting the things I cannot change” and “changing the things I can.” Pushing a rope makes for an unsatisfying life. xx, mgh


    • Jim, hi and thank you!

      I had three cameras with me, all Nikon: D800, D610 and D5200.

      On the D800, I had a Nikkor 28-300 mm f 1.4 VR lens, on the D610 I had a Nikkor 24-85 mm VR, and on the D5200 it was a Nikkor 18-300 mm VR. The lenses were key. The best shots were taken, imho, with the D5200 because that lens is so fine.



  5. I watched the Tournament of Roses Parade on two channels, Hallmark and one of the syndicated local channels. I dearly loved yhis, called my Mom and we compared and elaborated about the beautiful floats and music. A band came all the way from Ohio, too. 🙂
    Politics has made me depressed with some different ways it has become a mess! 😦
    Beth, if you wish to see the handful of Beth’s I featured on a January post titled “Heavenly Visions” you are included, dear. I am tribe with links but will say it has been maybe a week ago.
    My WP published posts out of order, sending 4 and 5 out one day that had been carefully scheduled to be spread out. . . Hugs, Robin ♡ xo

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    • Oh, wow, Robin, I see I have been missing out. We had such a jam-packed two weeks over the holidays that I was barely on social media and am afraid I neglected my WP friends a bit. But I am catching up again and will go check that out. Thanks for giving me a heads up. The vagaries of WP never cease to amaze me. I used to pre-schedule several posts but started losing track of them myself, so I am back to putting things up spontaneously, more or less.

      The politics in this country are at an all time low, so let’s you and I concentrate on upbeat stuff like Ohio and California. Hugs! ❤ xo


  6. No wonder you had a huge up tick in visitors to your site. Such spectacular photos.
    Seems the parade has become MUCH more sophisticated since my memories of the
    old TV coverages. Thanks as always Beth.

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    • Oh, thank you Bob. Very kind of you. Better cameras and a bright, clear, fluffy-cloud day made these pictures easy.

      I think most of the floats are built by professionals now. They look it! I really enjoyed them this year for the first time in years. Taking visitors to them makes it more fun. We here in California, can take them for granted, right?



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