Monthly Archives: September 2016

In my mind

As I promised, I am adding a new Autumn sticky post this year that will enable me to alternate between my NYC fall post, up right now for the season, and the new one. Not being one to shrink from taking on too much and this being an incredibly busy time for me, I chose […]

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(F)All in: NY

Here we are again, time for a seasonal travel post, this time for Autumn, 2019.  You can also see my recent series entitled “Start Spreading the Views”, a three-parter on the two week wedding trip I took to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in August, 2018 with updates on Manhattan. It was as beautiful […]

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Winged flowers

When I walk through our family room in the morning, someone says in a bright and hopeful voice, “I love you”. No, not my spouse who is usually at work by this time, but my companion Psyche. And she means it. Recently, I saw a study on what makes for longevity. It was conducted by […]

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