Mentally induced coma …

It was the last thing I planned to do. Comment on what has transpired since my previous politically-relevant post, sometime in 2018 or earlier, that is. But, I just can’t help myself.

How much worse does it have to get before the fugue-state MAGAngsters wake up and see this man and his administration for the craven disaster they are? How much longer before those same people call Moscow Mitch on his outrageous grifting? What is wrong with these people?

Recently, some poll was taken showing the GOP is 90% behind these guys. Sure, we can take some comfort in the fact that they are shrinking as a party. However, when you add in the blatant voter suppression, the billions being spent by the Koch network to spread the worst lies in history to keep Americans from knowing about their outright theft of our treasury and our planet, the purging of the voter rolls, the Supreme Court-endorsed gerrymandering, and the help of foreign bad actors, it only takes a minority to put that dangerous fraud back in the White House and his cohort in crime back in the Senate leadership chair.

A consistent stream of lies, crazy conspiracy theories, outright sexual predation (credibly reported), money laundering, fraudulent corporations, bankruptcies, weight-shaming, mocking handicaps, religious bigotry (as if he understands any religion at all, including and especially Christianity), racism, white nationalism, fascism, autocracy, kleptocracy — what have I left out? Hanging around other sexual deviants and rapists, joking with them about the little girls they have molested. It’s exhausting, and every day, it seems, there is a new low, a novel horror. Oh, yes, right, literally telling people we are being invaded to the point that the gun fanatics (don’t get me started on that pathology) act out on his orders and slaughter innocent people for no reason other than they “look” Hispanic. On and on and on.

Let’s not turn away from the most egregious horror in my opinion: taking babies away from their mothers, and forcing human beings to live in filth and degradation, literally starving and humiliating them until the point of suicide.

But, it is apparently not too much for his followers — oh no. They are totally juiced by his ravings at these rambling rallies, where The Dear Leader seems drunk on their adulation. They are not tired of the hate and the fear-mongering. They drink it in. Who was it that said the best way to handle poor white people is to tell them they are better than every other race and ethnic group on earth, so you can continue to pick their pockets and they thank you for it? Are they this stupid?

We should be deeply ashamed of what is happening here. I don’t know who is going to win in 2020 but there are things we can never fix again. We can never again be the moral leader of the world. We cannot repair the damage being done in the UK by the Soviet-instigated exit from the EU. We can’t replace the Amazonian forest that another moral midget is mowing down at a never before rapid pace. We can’t undo the political damage done to our vital and delicate relationship with Israel. We can’t stop the icebergs from breaking up and the snow in Greenland from melting. We can’t save the Inuit and the polar bears. Our children and grandchildren will never know thousands of beautiful and precious species including Monarch butterflies and almost every species of frog.

I am heartbroken by what is happening here. If they would take us, Geoffrey and I would move to Vancouver and still may. I just want those of you who I consider my friends to know, I am not a supporter of what is going on. It is not okay. It is deadly heart-attack level wrong.  Some day, maybe, the world will forgive us for abdicating the responsibilities we fought so hard to win.

Forgive me for being so dark.  Next post will have pictures, I promise.


8 Comments on “Mentally induced coma …

  1. Speak…it opens the eyes. Rant, someone hears.
    All we can do is listen, choose, and vote… hopefully
    Yes, hopefully…make a change for the better.
    Always good to see a post from you.
    Thanks Beth, Nims

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  2. So sorry. The entire world has gone mad…..somebody stabbed every 5 minutes in UK, travellers plonking them selves down on green land & claiming they own the land. Don’t get me started on Brexit. Disaster of Boris Johnson. 😓

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    • It takes someone like our “leader” to make Boris Johnson look relatively benign. But, he is a disaster as well.

      Linda, I think this is major interference by the Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia — in both our countries and others. We decent people were asleep while these people stealthily crept in and stole our democracies. It is sickening.

      So glad to see you here!

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  3. Yes, it’s certainly very easy to get discouraged. All that waiting for The Mueller Report, and then a gentle thud. Trump and Barr handled it perfectly. I thought we could impeach him too. Fascism could easily dominate the coming new era. We must continue to resist that, to speak out, to register voters, knock on doors for the Democratic Party for what it’s worth. Don’t get angry, get moving. Hang in there, Beth.

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  4. You are right, of course, Stephen. I wish I could be more sanguine about the future here.

    Btw, I have done the knocking on doors — not for the squeamish! Valencia is still slightly red, pinkish I guess. Thank god for Katie Hill now.

    Obviously, I hope we take back our government in 2020. Meanwhile, I appreciate knowing people like you (and the above friends) are out there, enduring this with me!



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