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It’s time

I am ready for a woman to be President. And I am sick and tired of a group of sniping self-defeatist females being party to the calumny against capable, self-reliant, empathic women who are  standing up to those who would reverse the gains made by women to be fully enfranchised in this country.  I am […]

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The burgermeister

This weekend, I saw a news segment on the discovery of a method for creating ground meat in vitro.  It struck me as a promising solution to one of our biggest environmental and humanitarian problems: raising and slaughtering livestock for consumption. As the article below states Scientists are hoping the development will meet the growing […]

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Junkyard kitties

When we moved to our current house, the previous owners had left one of their cats behind.  Horrified, I contacted their realtor and told her what had happened.  She came back to me later and claimed that they had in fact taken the cat with them, but it obviously ‘missed our house and found its […]

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