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Sogno divino

Can you believe it’s December? I have been on such a marathon with my certificate classes, work, trips back and forth to our place in San Diego and the other householdy things I do in Valencia, that I have had almost no time to write on this blog. Let me first say, what better time […]

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East of eatin’

Summer is finally upon us and it roared into Santa Clarita with a vengeance. It has been hovering around 100F for over a week. This is the time I begin dreaming of snow and even the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July seems like a high point, LOL! We’ve been back and forth to San Diego. […]

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Sandy ego

I’m back! My only excuse is I have been busy (like all of you!). Down to San Diego, up to Valencia and all the chores involved with both houses, as well as the new car, is stretching every minute four or five times. But here I am with the latest updates.  I have to admit the craziness […]

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