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Loaves and wishes

If I had my druthers, I would exist on nothing but bread and chocolate.  But, because I try to keep my weight in check and teeth in my mouth, I have forced myself to give up both. Yesterday, I heard about a plan to solve two problems at once:  help feed the globe, as its […]

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Paula Deen and Jimmy Dean

I probably shouldn’t even mention it,  because in the overall scheme of things, Ms. Deen’s conduct and overall tone-deafness is the bigger issue. But I want to just register my distress at her fat-laden cooking. What reminded me of it was the stat that Georgia conservatives like her about twice as much as MLK (now […]

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The burgermeister

This weekend, I saw a news segment on the discovery of a method for creating ground meat in vitro.  It struck me as a promising solution to one of our biggest environmental and humanitarian problems: raising and slaughtering livestock for consumption. As the article below states Scientists are hoping the development will meet the growing […]

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