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Start spreading the views – Part Two

I thought I would get back to this set much earlier, but honestly the last few months have been frantic. Just being away during the summer for two weeks made everything else late and I was squeezed for time. I apologize! Where were we? Ah, at Breads, snagging pastries and sandwiches to go on what […]

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Start spreading the views – Part One

Well, from one glorious city to another. Here we are in my hometown, New York City. I grew up in Manhattan on Sutton Place and my parents had a house at the Jersey Shore. So, this trip was a homecoming. I plan to cover this epic celebration in three parts. By the way, I didn’t […]

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Bank shots

My niece is marrying a billionaire. Well, I should say, a billionaire’s son. Now, mind you, I have hobnobbed with my share of the international¬†cognoscenti from time to time and Geoffrey’s family are well known and affluent, but this is warp-speed level in another universe. Her mother, my sister-in-law Vanessa, groomed this kid for exactly […]

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