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No one’s afraid of Virginia’s wolf

Two things happened simultaneously this weekend.  I listened to the reports (and read them in the NYT) of Europeans who are now worried about what is happening in the US, given a barrage of frightening warnings that have been leaked to the world insidiously for months.  On the heels of that recognition, I had a […]

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Doped and duped

Maybe a deal will be struck by the time this post goes ‘live’.  Irrespective of what transpires (and I sure hope we will avert this debt ceiling disaster), what I am writing here still applies, as what underlies the latest fire drill has been brewing for decades. There is a pole shift taking place that […]

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POVerty and the shadowy TPP

I have been reflecting on the American way of life recently.  All the tumult over the Affordable Care Act has dredged up a great deal of emotion, mostly fear, and of course as I have said repeatedly in past posts here, stoked by international as well as national corporate interests.  There are corporations, backed by […]

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