Up-stares Down-stares

OK, everyone, I feel badly.

It has been how many weeks since I last posted? I admit it. My schedule has been overwhelmed and I don’t know with what really, as things have been somewhat unremarkable but jam-packed.


I am back up at our main place in Valencia and have had a chance to recover from baby-watching (although he has to be the cutest, smartest baby ever) and then dive into all the projects that went begging while I was down south. Including (remind me I said I would never do this again) making a sweater for one of my many sisters-in-law.

The darn thing is patterned on a couple I have made before with Noro wool yarn that I absolutely love. But, it’s pricey and a bit scratchy and even though I love working in wool, in SoCal wool is a mother, i.e., a moth-er. Moth-bait, moth-meal … you get the idea.


So I decided to get a beautiful hand spun yarn with variegated colors similar to the Noro, but made of acrylic. Slippery devils, had to match self-striping, used three different color-ways so designing and coordinating and putting seams together so the stripes were consistent were real bears. I didn’t get much else done for almost two weeks so I could deliver it in time for a birthday bash this weekend. Oi vey.

Before I forget, welcome newcomers. I have had an explosion of new followers and I am so grateful to you that you are willing to endure my tedium.


Back to the main topic, my absence here and my crazy frenzied life now in two places, with two sets of everything to clean (I may finally have to get help, but I hate to do it. I need the exercise and I prefer to spend the money on stuff. Oh well.)  I have to give Geoffrey credit though. He manfully did the laundry (and folded it — setting it out in neat piles like decorations all over the bedrooms, hee hee), the yard, the animals, even the bathrooms (!!) and still got all his work done. Then he gave me the most thoughtful Valentine gift and card. What a good guy.


One thing I discovered while in SD is that the places above Downtown are referred to collectively, by the locals, as Uptown.  I hadn’t really known any other place that seriously identifies itself as Uptown, as it has sort of a noblesse oblige sound to it that relegates the term (in my mind, anyway) to the 19th century. But then I realize that I always seem to gravitate to upper reaches anywhere I go. I wonder if this is some past-life mandated longing for the Arctic? 😀


As I wandered around taking random shots, I felt more scrutiny than usual. Literally people eyeing me suspiciously. This seems to be happening more and more and makes me less likely to drag out the big cameras and lenses and just take cell phone shots or my smallest camera and lens. I am thinking of buying a Nikon Lens Baby and just pop the smallest camera into my purse, discreetly. That is why a Rolleiflex would be so handy – as it sits at the waist, is viewed from above and no one really knows you are taking pictures.


This last trip to the southern reaches made me realize as well that I had not been to Downtown San Diego at all.  I am going to have to remedy that, as it is quite unique and beautiful in its own way, much like the other old city centers around the country. That will be upcoming.

Now I have rambled on enough, caught you up. Still raining here every week. Can you believe it? I hope it continues as it makes me feel like I am back home in NY.


I will be around to visit my friends here. A hug to you all in a belated Valentine wish.

Images: Chez Bibi assets: Uptown San Diego 







I wasn’t going to post this week, as I have been swamped down here with getting the house in better shape, helping care for the baby, running around shopping with Deanna et al. and dodging the torrential rains (joy!).

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But I had to say something today as the New Deal and Great Society draw to a close.

Yesterday, I heard an interview with a man in Erie, PA who explained why he voted for the next man to enter the Oval Office, later today. He said it was because he had “borrowed a million dollars from his father and made it into ten billion”. I felt sorry for that guy. That was an urban myth that has floated on the surface of superficial factism that has now characterized the news for the past eight years.  What that man and many like him doesn’t know is that the current electee received two hundred million dollars upon the death of his father and only has three-quarters of it left.

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I am simultaneously reading a prodigious 1100 page tome on Nixon. What strikes me is how the politics and shenanigans of dirty pool and lies of that day were exactly as they are today. Nixon was a much more fit occupier of the roles he assumed but just as underhanded and ruthless in politicking as the future POTUS. Nothing much has changed, except the blindness of the voters here and the far right politicians who pushed back on tricky Dick in those days who seem absent today.  Everyone is onboard with his fleecing the public now. And the press is luke-warm in exposing the true agenda.

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What we are losing is the calm, intelligent, deliberative, intellectually curious mind of a dedicated humanitarian for a selfish, egotistical, inflated dabbler who will offload his duties to his daughter, her spouse and his VP. I never thought I would be grateful for that trio of fools, but I am. The last person who should be “guiding” our country is the man only a few sad, misguided, desperate people voted for in three rust-belt states.  I know those people are suffering. At least they are used to it, because it will continue and then some. They are living in their own fantasy now and I hope it carries them through what is ahead. They failed to take the policies espoused to their logical conclusion, something every good logician should do.

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Goodbye science, education, ecology, gun-safety, international harmony, free speech, honest press, access, transparency, social security, medicare, medicaid, earned benefits, low inflation, bank oversight, the helping hand, Americanism.  Think about what’s in store. Russophiles have triumphed. Even Nixon would be horrified.

Images: Thomas Kincaid in the public domain


Lake effects, no?

First off, Happy 2017!


This may be a completely disjointed post. Hopefully short on verbiage and long on photos.


We had a whirlwind Christmas with visitors and trips to the mountains, dinners out, and crazy weather.


Seriously, we are having lots of precip, which for us is a miracle. Cold enough to drape everything around us in beautiful white snow.


As I am writing this morning, it is raining outside. It has rained off and on for three weeks. Hope it continues.


I will be heading down to our other house on Sunday and staying through January. One reason is I have volunteered to help with the new baby. Another thing is getting our house in better shape. It’s still chaos. Wish me luck.


We walked around our lake on Christmas eve, so you can see some of the shots I took. All the lights were magic and just seemed to dance and float on the water at blue hour. The rest are on my Flickr page.


Do you make goals for each new year? I usually think about them briefly and promptly forget them, LOL. This year it will be more organizing and decorating.  I need to start a serious purge of things that are just being stored and never used. I am such a materialist in many ways that I hate to part with anything I like, and I like everything I buy. Ha!


My Israeli friends, who I have known since our days in NYC, have assured me that Trump’s election was an angelic-instigated event and that he will save the world from impending doom. Oh Boy. I try to keep an open mind and they kept telling me that they are plugged in to the real news, while ours is “cooked”. OK, let’s see what happens … but!


One of Geoff’s brothers gave me a book for Christmas on the coming financial collapse, based on the fact (among other things) that the credit default swaps practice is worse than ever. It even says something about the Ice Nine Freeze or something like that, which portends all our assets being frozen and seized to prevent the world financial system from complete annihilation. Do what? Put cash under the mattress?


I figure I have at least one marketable skill for the apocalypse: I am a trained baker. Provided we have ovens, that is — or hot rocks? 😀


My presence here in January will be spotty but I will try to get around to everyone. I am so grateful to all of you, my community, which seems to be growing without me doing anything special.


Thank you for putting up with me.


More soon … hugs. ❤


Images: Chez BeBe assets: Bridgeport/Valencia, California


Winter thou goest – Part I

Clearly my thoughts have evolved on this blog as to what I can do for you, what I can share to make your life more beautiful after you visit here, and am pleased to have settled on creating a trave…

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All things bright …

So here we are, embarking (almost) on a new year. I am sure every one of us is looking on the brightest side we can.


For me, the holidays are wonderful, no matter what else is going on.  By the way, to those of you who have been with me these last few years as I toss my thoughts into the wild blue universe, thank you so much. I am grateful for and to you.


Those new people who are following me and just helped me pass another milestone, welcome and thank you too. I hope I don’t disappoint you.


By the way, to those readers who left because I speak my mind: thank you for being with me when you were. I cannot worry about some being offended by what I see as the truth — after much research, analysis and thought given to the topics on which I expound, LOL — and I am confident I have been quite restrained and diplomatic, if not downright generous to everyone I meet.


Goodbye and Good Luck, as Keith Olbermann and Edward R. Murrow used to say.


This past few weeks has been frenzied. I wrapped up a large project, then had to run down to the new house to meet some contractors. Now back up in the Valley, I am furiously cleaning, buying, wrapping and more cleaning. While all this was going on, I had to produce the family holiday video.  Errrrr….


I thought this would be an easy Christmas and that we would just be spending one day with Geoffrey’s family and then heading down to SD to be with my family. So, I made every woman in the family a lacy shawl complete with shawl pins that I picked for each individual — over a dozen people.


But at the last minute they switched and told me everyone is coming to our house in LA. That means buying more gifts to put out here,  new slippers for everyone (we don’t wear shoes in our homes), and making stockings for newcomers, like the baby. Madness – Yikes!


So, you will have to forgive me if I am only here sporadically for awhile. I will be visiting you, however.


Here are some new photos of our second neighborhood.  Next up will be more captures from the lake nearby us up here.


If I don’t find another way to say it: Happy Holidays and of course Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah everyone.


No matter who you are or where, nor whether you come here and agree or disagree, I love you!


Images: Chez BeBe assets: San Diego, California