Dark matters

What irony. My last post was on the sunny, warm, glowing happiness that comes with San Diego and its Great Ball of Fire, that spreads over the landscape virtually every day of the year. Then I came back up to our main house in Valencia and a week of welcomed rain and cold, with dark […]

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Fouls come home to roost

It’s déjà-vu all over again: Pat Buchanan vs Eugene McCarthy.  And the powerful appeal to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with the primitive emotions of fear and anger at its base is crowding out common sense and prudence. I am going to be blunt and hope we can handle it here as it is just too important to ignore […]

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Trumped up

OK, quick update. While all of this is largely true, eight months later and I can no longer say I could live with a Trump Presidency. He is being revealed to have engaged in more fraudulent and exploitative activity than I had realized. His taking advantage of the poor and gullible simply to line his […]

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