Jury: a four letter word?

We finally heard from the sixth juror in the Zimmerman trial, the Puerto Rican mother of eight who thinks George Zimmerman was guilty of an intentional act, not committed in self-defense.  After listening to what she had to say to Robin Roberts on Thursday, I am more convinced than ever that our jury system is […]

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Weekend reflection

During the week, my posts tend to be on the weighty subjects that stream in through the many media to which I subscribe.  As I observe the world at my fingertips, literally, I jot down all the topics about which I have my usual vivid reactions and opinions.  In a way, all my websites, posts, […]

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I have been struck by the events of the past few weeks in a way that differs from  past observations of society’s uneven treatment of our children. Then, last night I heard an educator comment that modern society views some children as being merely a ‘problem’. Once that occurs, dehumanization can be rationalized.  If people […]

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